Our history

The history of A. BERETTA S.R.L.

A. BERETTA S.R.L. is an entrepreneurial reality which has roots in the territory of Bergamo, source of manpower and building tradition, of which culture, values and ethical principles are preserved and respected.

The commitment that A. BERETTA S.R.L. lavishes, turns into an essential and solid foundation to transform every project into a building.

Each building is a product of the active and creative collaboration between A. BERETTA S.R.L., Designers and Clients.

1962: the birth

The entreprise was born in 1962, from the idea of Alessandro Beretta and Angelo Vitali, who found Beretta & Vitali S.a.s., turning their collaboration in the artisanal carpentry of Bergamo into construction company headquartered in Milan, in Largo Settimio Severo 3.

In the early sixties Beretta & Vitali takes steps beyond and, from subcontractor for carpentry works becomes a direct customer acquisition company. In those years, the first entrepreneurial achievement is represented by the realization of 48 apartments in Via Padova 264 in Milan, realized and deliverd in only 15 months.


Growth proceeds.

In the following decade, aside from the construction work, represented for example by the construction of the townhouse in Via Pitteri 112 and of the headquarters of Casa Editrice Ghisetti & Corvi in Corso Concordia 10, both in Milan, la Beretta & Vitali enters the field of maintenances, through the acquisition of two important clients, whose collaboration will continue for many years, la Banca Popolare di Milano and the Azienda elettrica Milanese.


The eighties brign about substantive changes in the company above. As a result of the staff expansion to the children, by common agreement, the founders settled on the separation.

The Beretta & Vitali S.a.s continues to be owned by Alessandro Beretta and the original entreprise takes, in 1998, the actual form of A. Beretta S.p.A.


Later on, in the nineties, A. Beretta S.p.A. decides to finance itself to invest in private lands, at the Municipality of Romano di Lombardia where, through different measures and plans of allotment, builds townhouses for a total of 105 apartments.

Recent years

In the recent years, A. Beretta S.p.A. continued its own two-pronged activity, based on works for third parties and the construction on private lands.

Contractual works

On behalf of third parties, the company has for example
  • restructured, on several occasions, the headquarters Beiersdorf S.p.A. in Milan (2001-2018) and of CommerzBank (2016)
  • demolished and rebuilt the industrial site in Via Pitteri 10 owned by the Immobiliare Polidora S.r.l. (2010 - 2013) with the realization of 50 underground garages and 4000 sqm of lofts C3 (workshops for artisans)
  • built the headquarter of Immobiliare Promessi Sposi S.p.A. (2007 - 2010) in Via Crescenzago 55, in Milan, featuring more than 3 underground floors of garage and 2.500 sqm of offices

On own account

Moreover, on own account, A. Beretta S.p.A. re-opened the construction site in Via Corridoni 24 in Romano di Lombardia realizing a total of 10 apartments and 11 impound lots (2019 - 2020).

In 2019, after the meeting with the technical and commercial staff experienced hospitality industry, A. Beretta S.p.A. decided to diversify its own activity and to amplify the catchment area of its own customers, extended the scope in order to cover a larger area in the italian territory.

That is how a productive collaboration was established with the new business manager and with associated design studies, now included inside the organogram of A. Beretta S.p.A., to intervene competent and qualified manner also in the hotel and tourism industry.

Such collaboration led to the planning and subsequent registration of two trademarks at the Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi [Italian Patent and Trademark Office], which distinguish the collaboration above in a unique manner, that is the trademarks Aquae ® and Formae ®.

This collaboration already led to

  • the renovation of the Hotel Rascard S.r.l. (2019) in Valtournenche (AO)
  • the construction of a swimming pool and a SPA at the Relais Villa Monte Solare (2019 - 2020) owned by LDC in Tavernelle di Panicale (PG)
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